Quotes & Themes – Anxiety


When we want to reach perfection, we have to aim at the bull’s eye, but we should not get discouraged when we do not succeed. (Spiritual Conferences, 2)

Do not be eager at work because ever kind of eagerness disturbs reason and judgement. It even prevents us from doing well the very things of which we are too eager. (Introduction to the Devout Life, Part 3, Chapter 10)

Anxiety is not just a temptation by itself. Rather it is a source from which and by which many temptations come. (Introduction to the Devout Life, Part 4, Chapter 11)

When you experience the beginning of anxiety, entrust yourself to God… If you can, disclose your anxiety to your spiritual director or at least to some faithful and devout friend, do not doubt that you will find relief immediately. (Introduction to the Devout Life, Part 4, Chapter 11)

Be careful and diligent in your affairs of which you are in charge, since God who entrusted them to you, desires that you take great care of them. But if it is possible, be not solicitous or anxious about them, that is, do not undertake them with restlessness, anxiety and eagerness. (Introduction to the Devout Life, Part 3, Chapter 10)

When we are too intent in our search for something, we can look at it a hundred times without seeing it. [Letter to Mademoiselle de Soulfour]

Such useless anxiety can only result in weariness of mind which in turn produces this coldness and numbness in your soul. I don’t know what remedies you should apply, but I do think that you would gain a great deal if you could keep from being so anxious, for that is one of the greatest obstacles to devotion and real virtue. It proceeds to incite us to good, but all it does is cool our ardour; it makes us run, only to have us stumble. That’s why we have to be on guard against it at all times, especially during prayer. [Letter to Mademoiselle de Soulfour]

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