Quotes & Themes – Obedience


Do all through love, nothing through constraint; Love obedience more than you fear disobedience. (Letter to Madame de Chantal)

In obedience all is secure; out of it all is to be suspected. (Treatise on the Love of God, Book 8, Chapter 13)

Some find that there is disobedience in the thing which they desire and wish that it was not there; others seek for it, and only desire the thing because it is forbidden. (Spiritual Conferences, 1)

To find the Saviour outside obedience is to lose Him altogether. (Letters to Persons in Religion, VI, 22)

When God puts inspirations into a heart, the first He gives is obedience. (Treatise on the Love of God, Book 8, Chapter 13)

You do not receive true remedies by your choice nor through sensible feeling, but through obedience and by reason. (Letters to Persons in Religion, IV, 33)

What greater austerity can there be than to keep one’s will in subjection and continual obedience? (Letters to Persons in Religion, III, 8)

The devil does not fear austerity but holy obedience. (Letters to Persons in Religion, III, 8)

If, before my body bows to my superior, I have not made an act of inward rever­ence by humbly willing to submit to him, at least let me take care that this willing reverence accompany the outward gesture. (Spiritual Conferences, 1)

The obedience which you pay to the doctor when ill is extremely agreeable to God. (Letters to Persons in Religion, I, 9)

In proportion to our affection and es­teem for the maker of the law, is the exactness of our observance of it. (Spiritual Conferences, 13)

Do not look into the face of one who governs you, but into the face of God who has so ordained it. (Letters to Persons in Religion, V, 12)

Rest from obedience, and your repose is more meritorious and more pleasing to God than voluntary labor. (Spiritual Conferences, 11)

If the spiritual attraction comes from God, it will without doubt lead one to obedience. (Spiritual Conferences, 20)

Blessed are the obedient, for God will never suffer them to go astray. (Introduction to the Devout Life, Part III, Chapter 11)

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