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This life is short but is very valuable, for by means of it we are able to acquire eternal life. Happy are those who know how to use it for this purpose and how to apply these passing moments to gain a happy eternity. (Letters of SFS, 190)

Think often about the duration of eternity and do not get upset about the mishaps of this transitory and mortal life. (Letters of SFS, 344)

Let us make a firm decision to serve God with all our heart and with all our life, but let us not worry about tomorrow! Let us concentrate on doing good today. When tomorrow comes, it will also be called today, and so we will have to think of it as such. (Letters of SFS, 190)

Our life is the today in which we are living; who can promise himself a tomorrow … You will find some people who never tire of amassing new writings and instructions, all sort of spiritual advice and information, and who nevertheless do not put them into practice! And what is that if not spiritual avarice, a serious fault in the devout life? (Sermons for Advent and Christmas, pp.38-39)

Live each day well, eat what is given you, and you will nourish yourself well by putting that into practice. Leave the rest to Divine Providence, which will surely provide sufficiently for your needs. Use well only what is given to you, and be free of all other care. (Sermons for Advent and Christmas, p.39)

Do carefully what is at hand today, and tomorrow you will be ordered to do something else. (Sermons for Advent and Christmas, p. 117)

So this year has disappeared into the abyss where all the others have gone. How desirable is eternity when we consider these miserable and fleeting changes! Let the time pass by as we, little by little, run with it to be transformed into the glory of the children of God. (Letters of SFS, 563)

Here we are at the end of the old year; tomorrow will be the beginning of the new. We must bless the Lord for the many graces we have received. May it please God that by means of these fleeting years we may happily arrive at the permanent year of a blessed eternity! Let us make good use of these small passing moments, living them out in that kindness and humility which Jesus right from the time He was a child, taught us. (Letters of SFS, 883)

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